BMF Original Furniture

Elegant design and functional solutions from the heart of Europe

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Our advantages

We give an extended
guarantee of 5 years!
We stand behind the premium
quality of our products
We set trends in the market
and bring original ideas
We care about
protecting the environment

Who we are and what we do?

The family business with 75 years manufacture of bathroom furniture. Here is tradition and experience!We are proud of our quality, and provides a 5-year warranty. Our production is located in the middleof Europe, Svitavy Czech Republic
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Our products

Lift-Up Height adjustable washbasin cabinet

An innovative bathroom furniture solution not only for the disabled.

Available in many colours and with a choice of storage module.

Washing Plates Design first

The elegant way to an airy and minimalist bathroom. A wide selection of decors, lacquers and complementary cabinets to maximise storage space.

Projects Functional and elegant furniture for your building or hotel

Attractive washbasin cabinets with generous storage space and high quality ceramic washbasin. A wide range of metal handles and colours available finishes.

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